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Terms of Service on Ticket Purchase and Reservation
 The present Terms of Service apply to all users logged in / China Ticket Online, including individual, collective and organizational users, etc. Ticket Online hereafter will be referred to as "the Website".
 Users logged in Ticket Online, including individual, collective and organizational users, etc, hereafter will be referred to as"Users"or "User".

I. Service Scope

 1.1 The ticket prices for all performances and events in the Website vary according to each project. The Website will notify the Users through website announcement, the peripheral equipments of the Website and other media;
 1.2 The Website provides ticket reservation service of performance and stadium projects to the Users, and will meet the reservation need in all possible means, however, this function is subject to the conditions of the organizer or the stadium;
 1.3 All information about performance and stadium projects displayed in the Website including, but not limited to, audio and visual clips, images, soft texts, is in conformity with the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.
 1.4 The Users expressly agree to purchase and are aware of the risks arising from the ticket reservation service of performance projects, which implies that the Website doesn't guarantee ticket availability for every user at the reservation stage, but will coordinate all resources to the possible extent to satisfy the demand of the Users. In case of failure to provide the Users with reserved ticket, the Website will notify the Users at first time and provide support them in selecting other ticket types or make a cancellation. The Website will reimburse the ticket fee to the Users timely.

II. Terms of Use:

 2.1 The Users shall provide accurate personal information during service application on the Website. Otherwise the Users shall assume related responsibility and compensate the Website for any possible loss arising therefrom.
 2.2 Upon successful registration, the Users will be able to purchase tickets from the Website; the Users shall assume the legal liabilities for all activities and incidents on their own accounts.
 2.3 The Users voluntarily accept information about the performance and other contents that the Website sends out via email, SMS and other ways.
 2.4 During the utility process of the Website, the Users shall abide by the following principles:
 (a) This network service system shall not be used for illegal purpose.
 (b) All agreements, regulations and procedures related to network service shall be observed;
 (c) The service system of the Website shall not be employed to activities with possible damaging result to the normal function of the Internet;
 (d) The service system of the Website shall not be used to transmit any harassing, insulting, slanderous, threatening, vulgar, filthy and any other illegal data or information;
 (e) The service system of the Website shall not be used against the Website itself.

III. Copyright Declaration:

 3.1 The content provided by the Website includes text, software, voice, images, videos and graphics, among other formats, all receiving legal protection with regard to copyright, trademark and other property ownership rights.
 3.2 Users are permitted to use the above listed content only with prior authorization of the Website or other related right holders. Unauthorized reproduction, reinvention or creation related to the content is prohibited.
 3.3 Reprinting is subject to special written authorization from the Website or related right holders, and must bear "" or"China Ticket Online"as author or source. No organizations or individuals shall reprint the information where the Website disclaims reproduction.
 3.4 No person shall create mirror images of the Website without the authorization of the website.

IV. Privacy Protection

 4.1 It constitutes a basic policy of our website to protect the privacy of our Users. We promise not to divulge publicly or to any third party the registration related or non-public informatin of our Users stored by using the Website network, except for the following situations where we disclaim any legal responsibility.
 Prior express authorization of the user;
 (b)According to relevant laws and regulations;
 (c) Per requests of the competent government authorities;
 (d) In order to protect the public interest;
 (e) In order to protect legal rights of the Website.
 4.2 The Users with registered personal information consent to the goodwill use of such information by the Website. The Website features will automatically collect users' information, including visitor numbers, visiting time, visited webpage and visiting address, among other information. The above information will be used for the analysis of our server and the management of the Website.
 4.3 Upon successful registration, the Users will be provided with unique user name and password. The Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password and shall not leak to others, and agree to assume all related risks and accept responsibility for all activities that occur under their account and password. The Users may change their password freely according to their need. The Users shall notify the Website when noticing any illegal use of their own user name.
 4.4 Anytime you deem that our performance disobey the above principles, please notify us via email. We will do everything in our power to solve the problem to the reasonable and appropriate extent possible.

V. Cooperation Matters

 5.1 The Website may establish cooperation with third parties to provide network services to Users. In this case, if the third party agrees to assume equivalent responsibility as the Website does in protecting the users privacy, the Website is thus entitled to release registration information to the third party.
 5.2 Under the condition of non-disclosure of individual Users data, the Website is entitled to analyse the entire user data base and to employ the data base commercially.

VI. Legal Disclaimer

 6.1 The Users expressly agree to assume all risks caused by using the Website.
 6.2 The Website doesn't warrant that the service will satisfy the needs of the Users, or that the network service will not be interrupted, or that the service will be timely, safe and accurate.
 6.3 The Users expressly agree to purchase the project tickets and are willing to assume related liabilities.
 6.4 As a ticket agency, the responsibility scope of the Website is limited to guarantee the conformity of the project tickets with national laws and regulations. In case of cancellation or delay of the projects, the Website will coordinate between the Users and the organizer in the ticket refund matter. However, the Users should be entirely responsible for any loss or damage of the purchased tickets.
 6.5 In case that the purchased ticket can't perform the adequate rights due to reasons of the organizer or stadium, the Website is free from reimbursement liability. But the Website will assist the Users in the communication and coordination with the organizer or the stadium.

VII. Service Change, Interruption or Termination

 7.1 The Website will notify the Users in advance if the service will be suspended due to system maintenance or updates.
 7.2 In any of the following situations, the Website is entitled to interrupt or terminate immediately the service to the Users without notification:
 (a)The Users use false personal information;
 (b) The Users violate any terms of use in this agreement.

VIII. Liquidated Damages

 8.1 The Users agree to guarantee and maintain the rights of the Website and other Users. If the violation of laws, regulations or terms under this agreement by any User causes damages to the Website or to any other third person, the User agrees to assume the responsibility of compensation.

IX. Agreement of Modification

 9.1 The Website may modify irregularly related terms of this agreement, the Users shall read the agreement carefully before every purchase.

X. Legal Jurisdictions

 10.1 The establishment, enforcement, interpretation and dispute resolution of the present agreement are subject to the laws of the People's Republic of China.
 10.2 Any disputes between both parties with regard to the content or the execution of the agreement shall be settled through friendly consultations; in case of failure consultation, each party may file a lawsuit before the people's court of the jurisdiction to which the Website belongs.

XI. Notification and Delivery

 11.1 All notifications under the agreement terms may be delivered via important webpage notification, email, regular mail, SMS among other methods, and shall be deemed received by the addressee on the date of dispatch.

XII. Miscellaneous Provisions

 12.1 This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between both parties with regard to referred issues, both parties shall not have more rights other than those established in this agreement.
 12.2 In case that any term under this agreement become fully or partially invalid or non executable due to any reason, the rest of this agreement remain valid and binding.

XIII. Interpretation of the Agreement

 The Website reserves the right of ultimate explanation of this agreement.